Giuliano Bugialli’s Foods of Italy

Hotel Stories

I love the printed word. Whether words are in a magazine, book or online, I am a total bibliophile and have worked on many books: as an editor, as an author, as a contributing writer, as a proof-reader or caption writer, and as a fact-checker.

For Rodale, I served as Editor of “Cooking Organic Made Easy,” which was published in late 2009. For this collection of recipes, which I compiled from previously published recipes in Rodale’s magazine archives, I wrote the cookbook’s introduction.

For Giuliano Bugialli’s Foods of Italy, I was asked by this famous Italian cooking historian and authority to contribute all the captions. First published in 1985, it was and remains a best-selling cookbook from Stewart, Tabori & Chang Publishers, New York.

 “Hotel Stories,” published in 2002 by Assouline Publishing Inc., is a colorful history of some of the world’s most famous, and infamous, hotels, resorts, and “legendary hideways” in the world.  The book’s editor asked me to both proof the text and fact-check this entire work.

Currently, I working on a book about Bordeaux wine as well as other culinary publishing and video projects.

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